Jarrett Logistics Has Successfully Helped Companies Like Yours With Their Freight Logistics

Selecting a 3PL provider to handle your freight logistics can be an initimidating task. Jarrett Logistics has helped thousands of customers with their logistics. Read what just a few of them have to say about their experience.

“Having Jarrett Logistics Systems handle our LTL freight makes that task a “non-event.” We now view reports of what has happened rather than being tied down by those duties. There is now more time in the day for the details of our core business,” says a current customer.

“When we began the process of choosing a 3PL provider, we looked for a provider that could help us consolidate our three manufacturing plants in to a central distribution center, accommodate our volume niche, provide us local access to their services, become a logistics extension of our company, while realizing the best value. Jarrett Logistics Systems was our clear choice,” says a current customer.

“Our strategic alliance with JLS has provided us with the value and quality of service that we could never have realized on our own without a significant, additional investment in systems and manpower”, says a current customer. “I am pleased to report that JLS exceeded our performance and savings expectations. Based on our company’s highly successful experience with them, I am a firm believer in the value of outsourcing freight logistics activities to the professionals at JLS!”